Whether for an introduction or more advanced study, there are India-wide courses and retreats. McLeod Ganj is the main centre for the study of Tibetan Buddhism; public teachings or audiences are given by both the Dalai Lama and the 17th Karmapa.

Where to Go

Himachal Pradesh

Library of Tibetan Works & Archives Serious Buddhist philosophy courses in McLeod Ganj.

Himachal Vipassana Centre Strict 10-day retreats in Dharamkot, near McLeod Ganj; they operate monthly.

Tushita Meditation Centre Ten-day introduction-to-Buddhism tasters as well as retreats and drop-in meditation sessions; Dharamkot.

Deer Park Institute Courses and workshops on Buddhist and Indian philosophy, and meditation retreats led by Buddhist masters; in Bir.

Jammu & Kashmir

Mahabodhi Centre Three-day introductory vipassana courses and daily drop-in meditation classes near Leh.


Root Institute for Wisdom Culture Courses from two to 21 days; in Bodhgaya.

International Meditation Centre Informal 10-day courses; Bodhgaya.


Global Pagoda Vipassana courses from one to 10 days on Gorai Island.


Vipassana International Academy Holds 10-day vipassana courses in Igatpuri.

Andhra Pradesh

Numerous Burmese-style vipassana courses are available, including those at the Vipassana International Meditation Centre near Hyderabad, Dhamma Vijaya near Eluru, and Dhamma Nagajjuna, overlooking Nagarjuna Sagar.