Clothing in Kullu


For high quality Kullu shawls and other handloom-woven goods, without the hard sell, head to the nearest branch of Bhuttico, the Bhutti Weavers’ Cooperative, which was established in 1944 and has showrooms in every …
Arts & Crafts in Mcleod Ganj

Tibetan Handicraft Center

This cooperative employs refugees for the weaving of Tibetan carpets. You’ll pay around ₹13,500 for a 0.9m by 1.8m traditional wool carpet, and they'll ship it if you like (₹2500 to ₹3500 to Europe, ₹4500 to the USA…
Arts & Crafts in Norbulingka Institute

Norbulingka Shop

The Norbulingka shop sells the centre's expensive but beautiful craftworks and home-decor items, including jewellery, painted boxes and embroidered clothes and cushions, and sales benefit refugee artists.
Books in Manali


Excellent selection of books including many on the Himalaya, and maps including Leomann trekking maps.
Electronics in Manali

Shashni Communications

It's easy to get a SIM card for a foreign phone at phone shops on and around the Mall. Shashni Communications for example charges ₹500 for a SIM including 2GB of data and around ₹40 of call credit. All you need to t…
Clothing in Manali


Shawls are sold all over Manali. Good shops to start at are those of the weavers' cooperative Bhuttico, which has fixed prices. There's a branch at the top of the Mall and a few others around town.
Arts & Crafts in Mcleod Ganj

Village Boutique

Sells rugs, purses, bags, singing bowls, deity figurines and wall hangings, many of them Tibetan-made; profits go to the Tibetan Children's Village.
Clothing in Kullu

Bhuttico Factory Showroom

The factory showroom of Bhuttico, the Bhutti Weavers’ Cooperative, which was established in 1944. It's beside the road down the west side of the Beas River, 8km south of Kullu.
Books in Shimla

Maria Brothers

One of India's great antiquarian booksellers: the dusty shelves are packed with Himalayan travelogues, maps and engravings, at prices aimed firmly at collectors.
Arts & Crafts in Shimla

Himachal Emporium

Kullu and Kinnauri shawls, thick Lahauli wool socks and other appealing Himachal crafts are sold at reasonable prices at this state-government crafts enterprise.