Top ChoiceMuseum in Naggar

International Roerich Memorial Trust

This fascinating complex, set in lovely hillside gardens 1km above the castle, is centred on the former home of Russian painter, writer and Inner Asian explorer Nicholas Roerich and his wife Elena Roerich, a...

Fort in Naggar

Naggar Castle

Built by the rajas of Kullu around 1500, this fort-cum-mansion is a splendid example of the earthquake-resistant, Kathkuni (alternating stone-and-timber) style of Himachali architecture. Sold to the British...

Hindu Temple in Naggar

Gauri Shankar Temple

The lovely little 11th-century sikhara-style Gauri Shankar Temple is unusual in lacking a protective wooden roof, which allows unimpeded views of its delicate form from the road above.

Hindu Temple in Naggar

Murlidhar Krishna Temple

Naggar's most magical temple sits on a hilltop terrace with lovely views. This was the site of the ancient town of Thawa, which pre-dated Naggar by around 1000 years. The temple courtyard is intoxicatingly...

Hindu Temple in Naggar

Tripura Sundari Temple

At the streamside on the lower concrete road around 400m east of the castle, the Tripura Sundari wooden temple consists of a pagoda-style sanctum with conical wooden topknot and a carved raised hall in front.

Multicuisine in Naggar

Naggar Castle Restaurant

Within the castle itself, this hotel restaurant is especially good for lunches taken on the terrace overlooking the valley. The menu includes a few Himachali options (some require pre-ordering); between meal...

Cafe in Naggar

Homemade Bakery Café

This tiny cafe stares across the valley, its few roadside seats offering an even more breathtaking view, albeit somewhat plagued by passing traffic.

Hindu Temple in Naggar

Vishnu Mandir

Just 50m down the lane beside the castle, this 11th-century stone temple is a relatively squat example of the sikhara style and contains a staring-eyed, metal deity.