Kardang Loop Walk

Walking in Keylong

To get a better taste of the valley you could walk to Kardang, the now largely modernised village across the valley that was once Lahaul's capital. The walk is only around 1.5km one way (more to the gompa) but it's steep down then up with no flat going, so take plenty of water and allow a couple of hours.

Descend the footpath-steps between Vikrant Homestay and the boxed prayer wheel at the western end of The Mall. Just before reaching the hospital find the path down (left), cross the River Bhaga on a footbridge, then climb 1km to a road. Khardang is on the right. You could continue 800m further uphill to find the gompa (monastery), or return east along the road for 3km to Lapchang village, where a different path descends 1km to another footbridge, then climbs 1.25km to the main road. Keylong is 1.5km to the west (left).