Post in Hikkim

Hikkim Post Office

Hikkim's small cluster of houses hides what is locally claimed to be the world's highest post office, 4440m above sea level. Some spoilsports say the post office at Everest Base Camp in Tibet is higher (5200m), but …
Telephone in Manali

AirTel Express

For a one-/three-month SIM Card (₹300/350) with unlimited Indian calls and 1.4GB per day data, bring one photo plus copies of your passport and visa to this small shop tucked into the little square where SuperBake i…
Telephone in Kaza

Mahajan Communication

The PCO phone booth no longer works but the shop sells BSNL SIM cards for ₹250 including call time; take your passport and one photo.
Medical in Mcleod Ganj

Men-Tsee-Khang Therapy Centre

Traditional Tibetan medical treatments here include massages, compresses, herbal baths and steam therapies.
Medical in Mcleod Ganj

Dr Yeshi Dhonden

Dr Yeshi Dhonden, the former physician to the Dalai Lama, has such a reputation that getting a consultation is almost as miraculous as his holistic cancer cures.
Permit Office in Kaza

Assistant Deputy Commissioner’s Office

Room 111 in the ADC Office is where travellers must bring their documents to get the permit for travel between Sumdo (Spiti) and Rekong Peo (Kinnaur). The building is diagonally opposite the Community Health Centre …
Permit Office in Shimla

Additional District Magistrate

Applying in Rekong Peo or Kaza is generally easier but foreigners wanting to obtain the inner line permit for travelling the Spiti–Kinnaur loop can also apply here. Bring a sponsor's letter from a local travel agent…
Travel Agency in Rekong Peo

Monk Travels

This agency is very obliging with information, can organise taxis to regional destinations, and is especially useful as a specialist at getting the inner line permits for onward travel to upper Kinnaur and Spiti – g…
Permit Office in Tirthan Valley

GHNP Range Office

Look for the leopard statue watching the road to find the entrance to this office where national park permits (foreigner/Indian ₹400/100 per day) are issued fairly painlessly (bring a passport and visa copy) and gui…
Telephone in Shimla


Sim cards for ₹350 valid three months with one month's unlimited calls in India and ample data. Foreigners need a passport copy, photo and to find a local resident who is prepared to act as 'sponsor' giving their na…