Top Choice Religious in Ki

Ki Chaam Festival

The monastery at Ki is the scene of whirling dances performed by brightly costumed and masked lamas on the last day of this one-week festival, which is attended by villagers from across Spiti and serves as a ritual …
Top Choice Religious in Kullu


Kullu hosts one of the most unusual and colourful Dussehra festivals in India. Unlike the one-day celebrations common elsewhere, Kullu Dussehra goes on for a week. The opening day is the most exciting, with 200 or m…
Cultural in Himachal Pradesh


Tibetan communities celebrate their New Year with processions, music and chaams (ritual masked dances performed by monks).
Religious in Bharmour

Manimahesh Yatra

In the fortnight following Janmastami (Krishna's birthday; late August or early September), up to 300,000 pilgrims make the demanding hike up to the sacred Manimahesh Lake, at 4200m altitude, in honour of Lord Shiva…
Cultural in Kinnaur

Phulech (Flaich) Festival

All across Kinnaur, villagers seek out rare wildflowers from the mountainsides. These are presented to the local deity, whose image is brought out of his kim (temple house) to receive them on the chhori (the carved …
Film in Mcleod Ganj

Tibet Film Festival

Focuses on films made by Tibetans.
Cultural in Chamba

Minjar Festival

Every year since 935, Chamba has celebrated the annual harvest with the Minjar Festival in honour of the deity Raghuvir (an incarnation of Rama) – nowadays a week of processions, sports, folk dance and music and a v…
Performing Arts in Mcleod Ganj

Shoton Festival

A dozen groups from Tibetan communities across India and Nepal gather for five days to perform Ache Lhamo, an ancient form of musical dance-theatre often nicknamed Tibetan Opera.
Fair in Rampur

Lavi Fair

Held for over 300 years, the huge Lavi Fair traditionally brought together Tibetan and Himachali traders and still attracts merchants and pilgrims from remote villages and valleys across the region.
Rodeo in Langza

Langza-Komic Horse Race

In the first half of August, village men participate in a drunken horse race to Komic and back (or Komic to Langza and back, depending on the year), imbibing large amounts of local home brews before, during and afte…