Top Choice Historic Building in Shimla

Viceregal Lodge

The official summer residence of the British viceroys was completed in 1888 and the Indian subcontinent was ruled from here for half of every year from then till WWII. Henry Irwin's grey-sandstone creation resembles…
Top Choice Museum in Naggar

International Roerich Memorial Trust

This fascinating memorial and museum complex 1km above the castle focuses on the former home of Russian painter, writer and Inner Asian explorer Nicholas Roerich and his wife Elena. They settled here in 1928 and sta…
Top Choice Buddhist Monastery in Tabo

Tabo Gompa

The gompa was founded in AD 996 by Ringchen Zangpo, the Great Translator, as Tibet's Guge kingdom expanded into these outlying territories, and is reckoned to be the oldest continuously functioning Buddhist monaster…
Top Choice Hindu Temple in Chamba

Lakshmi Narayan Temple Complex

Standing on a rise at the top of the Dogra Bazar, this superb line of six beautiful stone sikharas, covered in carvings, dates from the 10th to the 19th centuries. The largest (and oldest), is dedicated to Lakshmi N…
Top Choice Lake in Gramphu to Kaza


This tranquil glacial lake is among snow peaks at 4270m. The track off the main road to the Kunzum La ends after 12km and the final 1km is on foot. From June to mid-October you can stay in comfortable tent camps 3km…
Historic Building in Shimla

Gaiety Theatre

This lovely Victorian theatre, opened in 1877 and now splendidly restored, has long been a focus of Shimla social life. Rudyard Kipling, Shashi Kapoor and various viceroys are among those who have trodden its Burmes…
Church in Shimla

Christ Church

This very English church, opened in 1846, dominates the Ridge and is the oldest surviving church in northern India. Its creamy-lemon paint job is uninspiring but it contains some moving Raj-era memorials and typical…
Museum in Shimla

Himachal State Museum

About 2.5km west of Scandal Point, up near the telecommunications mast, the state museum occupies an 1860s mansion and houses an impressive collection of Himachali, Rajasthani and Punjabi miniatures, as well as colo…
Aviary in Shimla

Himalayan Bird Park

Opposite the Viceregal Lodge's gate is the Himalayan Bird Park, with a small collection of exotic birdlife, including the iridescent monal pheasant, Himachal’s state bird.
Fort in Naggar

Naggar Castle

Built by the rajas of Kullu around 1500, this fort-cum-mansion is a fine example of the earthquake-resistant alternating-stone-and-timber style of Himachali architecture. Sold to the British assistant commissioner i…