Top Choice Multicuisine in Hampi

Laughing Buddha

Now that Hampi’s famous riverside restaurants have closed on the other side, Laughing Buddha has taken over as the most atmospheric place to eat, with serene river views that span beyond to the temples and ruins. It…
Multicuisine in Hampi

Mango Tree

Hampi’s most famous restaurant may no longer sit beneath its iconic mango tree or boast river views, but its spirit lives on since relocating to the bazaar, inside an ambient tented restaurant.
Multicuisine in Hampi

Prince Restaurant

Food here takes ages to arrive, so thankfully this atmospheric shady hut is a good place to chill out with cushioned seating on the floor. Does momos (Tibetan dumplings), pizzas etc.
Multicuisine in Hampi

Ravi’s Rose

This slightly sketchy rooftop-restaurant is the bazaar’s most social hang-out, with a good selection of dosas, but most are here for the, erm, tasty lassis (cough, cough). It also has a nearby guesthouse built into …