Hampi attractions

Top Choice Hindu Temple in Hampi

Vittala Temple

The undisputed highlight of the Hampi ruins, the 16th-century Vittala Temple stands amid the boulders 2km from Hampi Bazaar. Work possibly started on the temple during the reign of Krishnadevaraya (r 1509–29). It wa…
Top Choice Hindu Temple in Hampi

Virupaksha Temple

The focal point of Hampi Bazaar is the Virupaksha Temple, one of the city’s oldest structures, and Hampi’s only remaining working temple. The main gopuram, almost 50m high, was built in 1442, with a smaller one adde…
Historic Site in Hampi

Sule Bazaar

Halfway along the path from Hampi Bazaar to Vittala Temple, a track to the right leads over the rocks to deserted Sule Bazaar, one of ancient Hampi’s principal centres of commerce and reputedly its red-light distric…
Archaeological Site in Hampi

Elephant Stables

A grand building with 11 domed chambers where the state elephants once resided – each chamber has a small opening where mahouts once entered. The stables are accessed via the Zenana enclosure. There's a free sound-a…
Ruins in Hampi

Zenana Enclosure

Northeast of the Royal Centre within the walled ladies’ quarters is the Zenana Enclosure. Its peaceful grounds and manicured lawns feel like an oasis amid the arid surrounds. Here are the Lotus Mahal and Elephant St…
Hindu Temple in Hampi

Lakshimi Narasmiha

An interesting stop-off along the road to the Virupaksha Temple is the 6.7m monolithic statue of the bulging-eyed Lakshimi Narasmiha in a cross-legged lotus position and topped by a hood of seven snakes.
Statue in Hampi

Nandi Statue

At the east end of Hampi Bazaar is a Nandi statue, around which stand some of the colonnaded blocks of the ancient marketplace. This is the main location for Vijaya Utsav, the Hampi arts festival.
Hindu Temple in Hampi

Achyutaraya Temple

At the southern end of Sule Bazaar is the beautiful 16th-century Achyutaraya Temple. Its isolated location at the foot of Matanga Hill makes it quietly atmospheric, doubly so since it is visited by few tourists.
Ruins in Hampi

Queen’s Bath

South of the Royal Centre you’ll find various temples and elaborate waterworks, including the Queen’s Bath, deceptively plain on the outside but amazing within, with its Indo-Islamic architecture.
Wildlife Reserve in Hampi

Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary

About 30km south of Hampi, amid a scrubby undulated terrain, lies the Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary which nurses a large population of free-ranging sloth bears in an area of 83 sq km. You have a good chance of spottin…