Top things to do in Guwahati

Top Choice Indian in Guwahati


The lunch thali at Paradise is considered by many to be the archetypal Assamese spread, bringing together a wide range of local culinary flavours on one platter. Try the subtly flavoured fish tenga (sour curry) and …
Museum in Guwahati

Assam State Museum

Housed in an imposing colonial-era building, this museum has a large sculpture collection and upper floors devoted to informative tribal-culture displays. In the anthropological galleries, you can walk through recon…
Clothing in Guwahati

Northeast Network

This NGO seeds self-help projects in villages to empower rural women and works as an umbrella organisation for several handloom-weaving cooperatives. Buying beautiful (and good-value) woven products here supports th…
North Indian in Guwahati


Inside the stately Dynasty hotel, this stylish restaurant has tasty North Indian dishes, served by waiters in Mughal uniforms as gentle Indian music plays in the background. It’s a somewhat upscale place, so dress a…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Guwahati


Fine bamboo crafts, textiles, wickerwork, bell-metal and terracotta handicrafts, and many a carved rhino, are on offer at this state-operated emporium.
Wildlife Reserve in Guwahati

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Only 40km northeast of Guwahati, this small wildlife sanctuary has a thriving population of nearly 100 one-horned rhinoceroses. Getting into the park involves a jeep safari, or a boat ride over the river boundary an…
Hindu Temple in Guwahati

Kamakhya Mandir

According to Hindu legend, when an enraged Shiva divided his deceased wife Sati’s body into 108 pieces and scattered them across the land, her yoni (vagina) fell on Kamakhya Hill. This makes Kamakhya Mandir one of t…
Bar in Guwahati


Dim and buzzy, this popular bar is a hit with the city’s office workers and, true to its name, attracts heavy traffic after sundown. There’s a vast TV screen for cricket matches and Bollywood music, and a tiny platf…
Adivasi in Guwahati


Named after Assamese khorikaa (barbecued dishes), this restaurant serves a superb selection of regional fare in upscale air-conditioned comfort. Try the barbecued small fish and fried pigeon meat, or go for the deli…
Multicuisine in Guwahati


Beatrix has come a long way: from a casual hangout for college students to an understated dining address with accent lighting and red table linen. The food is a predictable mix of Indian, Chinese and regional dishes…