Arunachal Pradesh Deputy Resident Commissioner's Office

Permit Office in Guwahati

This office issues the permits needed by foreigners and Indians travelling to Arunachal Pradesh. Take any city bus southeast along GS Rd from Paltan Bazar (₹10, 30 to 40 minutes). The office is 100m south off GS Rd, 500m after the large Novotel and almost opposite the Shoolin Grand Hotel.

Foreigners require a Protected Area Permit (PAP) and for most areas of Arunachal they need to apply in groups of at least two people. However, PAPs for solo foreigners are available for travel to Tawang and places en route to it, and the Ziro Valley. Bring your passport, photocopies of your passport and tourist visa (or e-visa document and passport stamp), fill in a form and pay the rupee equivalent of US$30 per person (US$60 for single-person permits). Processing normally takes two working days. PAPs are valid for 30 days from the starting date they specify (state your intended entry date to Arunachal when you apply). Staff may be able to email you the permit to save you returning to the office. They may also be able to combine separate solo travellers as a 'group' on one permit for travels beyond the Tawang and Ziro routes: the separate individuals do not have to travel together.