Top ChoiceNature Reserve in Around Bhuj

White Desert

The name White Desert probably conjures up images of vast, silent expanses of searing salt desert where you can quietly meditate on life. Well, you can rub that image right out. Yes, the desert itself is...

Top ChoicePalace in Bhuj

Aina Mahal

This beautiful palace, built in 1752 and part of the Darbargadh palace complex, lost its top storey in the 2001 earthquake, but the lower floor is open, with a fantastic 15.2m scroll showing a Kachchh state...

Top ChoiceNature Reserve in Little Rann of Kachchh (Kutch)

Wild Ass Sanctuary

Wild Ass Sanctuary

This 4953-sq-km sanctuary covers a chunk of the parched land of the Little Rann and is the home of the only remaining population of the Indian wild ass (khur), as well as wolves, blackbuck and chinkara. There’s...

Top ChoiceWorkshop in Kachchh (Kutch)

Traditional Rogan Art

The village of Nirona, 40km northwest of Bhuj, features several distinctive crafts (lacquerwork, bell making), but none more so than the award-winning ancient art of rogan painting, brought over from Iran 300...

Top ChoiceMonastery in Around Bhuj


In the hills about 60km northwest of Bhuj is the eerie 12th-century monastery at Than. This is a laid-back place, with architecture ranging from crumbling mud brick to Portuguese-style blue stucco and whitewashed...

Workshop in Kachchh (Kutch)

Kala Raksha

Based at Sumrasar Sheikh, 25km north of Bhuj, Kala Raksha is a nonprofit trust working to preserve and promote Kachchh arts. It works with about 1000 embroiderers and patchwork and appliqué artisans from six...

Workshop in Kachchh (Kutch)


Khamir is an umbrella organisation dedicated to preserving and encouraging Kachchh crafts in all their diversity. At the Kukma centre you can see demonstrations of loom weaving (including the recently introduced...

Workshop in Kachchh (Kutch)

Dr Ismail Mohammad Khatri

In Ajrakhpur, 6km east of Bhujodi along the Bhachau road, Dr Khatri heads a 10-generation-old block-printing business of real quality, using all natural dyes in bold geometric designs. Go in the morning if you...

Workshop in Kachchh (Kutch)


Just past the Bhujodi turn-off, behind the GEB Substation, Shrujan is a nonprofit trust working with more than 3000 women embroiderers of nine communities in 114 villages. Its showroom sells top-class shawls,...

Archaeological Site in Around Bhuj


A long drive northeast from Bhuj is the fascinating and remote archaeological site of Dholavira, on a seasonal island in the Great Rann. Excavations have revealed a complex town of stone buildings 1 sq km in...

Palace in Bhuj

Sharad Baug Palace

This graceful 1867 Italianate palace, set among shade trees full of crows and bats, was the abode of the last maharao of Kachchh, Madansingh, until his death in 1991. It lost most of its 3rd floor in the 2001...

Palace in Bhuj

Prag Mahal

The largest of the three palaces within the Darbargadh walled complex, 19th-century Prag Mahal is in a forlorn state, damaged by the 2001 earthquake, but the ghostly yet exuberant Durbar Hall, with its vast...

Palace in Mandvi

Vijay Vilas Palace

This crumbling 1920s palace with its bulbous domes was originally a summer abode for the Kachchh rulers. Its 1st floor is now the main residence of the elderly maharajah of Bhuj. The view from the roof is worth...

Village in Around Bhuj


Bhujodi, about 7km southeast of Bhuj, is a village of weavers, mostly using pit looms, operated by both feet and hands. You can look into many workshops, which produce attractive shawls, blankets and other products.

Workshop in Around Bhuj

Tejsibhai Dhanabhai Marwada

In the small village of Kukma, near Bhujodi, several kilometres east of Bhuj, this master craftsman is the only one in the area who specialises in hand-weaving carpets, rugs and wall hangings of superb quality...

Workshop in Around Bhuj

Tana Bana

One of the graduates of the Somaiya Kala Vidya design school for artisans, weaver Ramji Maheshwari demonstrates his craft on a traditional pit loom. Scarves, shawls and other quality items are for sale.

Workshop in Kachchh (Kutch)

Vankar Vishram Valji

Vankar Vishram Valji is a family operation and one of the leading weavers in Bhujodi; it sells beautiful blankets, shawls (from synthetic fabric to the finest cashmere wool), stoles and rugs.

Workshop in Kachchh (Kutch)


Run by a delightful family whose work has won national awards, Parmarth specialises in Ahir embroidery. New Dhaneti is 17km east of Bhujodi, on the Bhachau road.

Museum in Bhuj

Folk Art Museum

This museum, near City Police Station Rd, has displays on traditional Kachchh culture, including reconstructed Rabari bhungas (mud-and-mirrorwork huts), musical instruments, numerous wood and stone carvings and...