Must-see attractions in Gujarat & Diu

  • K
    Kaba Gandhi No Delo

    This is the house where Gandhi lived from the age of six (while his father was diwan of Rajkot), and it features many photos of the family and lots of…

  • S
    Sidi Bashir Mosque

    Between Ahmedabad train station and Sarangpur Gate, the Sidi Bashir Mosque, built in 1452, is famed for its 21.3m-high shaking minarets (jhulta minara),…

  • K
    Kachchh Museum

    Opposite Hamirsar Tank, Gujarat’s oldest museum has eclectic and dusty displays spanning textiles, weapons, silverware, sculpture, wildlife, geography and…

  • R
    Rani Mahal

    The 17th-century Rani Mahal, the former main royal residence, was almost completely destroyed in the 2001 earthquake, though you can still admire the…

  • N
    Nagoa Beach

    Nagoa Beach, on the south coast of the island 7km west of Diu town, is long, palm fringed and safe for swimming. It's reasonably clean but often very busy…

  • K
    Kalo Dungar

    North of the village of Khavda, the Black Hill marks Kachchh's highest point (462m), with remarkable views over the Great Rann salt flat (or inland sea if…

  • W
    Willingdon Crescent

    This European-style arcaded crescent was built by Jam Ranjitsinhji to replace Jamnagar’s worst slum. It now houses an assortment of shops and is commonly…

  • B
    Barton Museum

    Located beneath the Gandhi Smriti Museum, this dusty but interesting collection contains Jain religious carvings, weaponry, betel-nut cutters, and a…

  • S
    Sunset Point Beach

    Pretty Sunset Point Beach, a small, gentle curve, is relatively hassle free and has a natural reef-made pool that makes it popular for swimming. However,…

  • T
    Teen Darwaja

    To the east of Bhadra Fort stands the Teen Darwaja, which was the gateway into Maidan Shahi (Royal Sq), where royal processions and polo games took place.

  • L

    This appealing Meghwal village off the main road to Khavda has beautifully decorated houses, and embroidery and leatherwork for sale. Some of the…

  • J
    Jallandhar Beach

    Within walking distance of Diu town is the rocky Jallandhar Beach, on the town’s southern shore. Despite its proximity to town it's actually one of the…

  • S
    Swaninarayan Temple

    Moderately interesting Swaninarayan Temple, owned by the wealthy Swaninarayan sect, is a white 19th-century building built on land donated by the maharaja…

  • R

    The tomb of Ahmed Shah’s queen sits on a raised platform that’s engulfed by market stalls. Though it’s not in great shape, the jali screens are worth a…

  • C
    Church of Our Lady of Remedes

    If it's not locked up, you'll find a large wood-panelled altar (and years of dust covering the pews) inside this white, mildewed Portuguese-era church.

  • H

    Inhabited by the Meghwal and Halepotra people, this village specialises in leatherwork and embroidery. It's around 55km north of Bhuj, off Rte 341.

  • B

    You can find some excellent embroidery and leatherwork at this Meghwal village. It's an hour's drive north of Bhuj, off Rte 341.

  • L

    Dwarka’s lighthouse affords a beautiful panoramic view, though photography is not allowed (and neither are mobile phones).

  • K

    The Kumbhar village of Khavda, 70km north of Bhuj, is known for its pottery and textiles.

  • B
    Bhujiyo Kotho

    Crumbling arsenal tower that overlooks the south side of Ranmal Lake.