Taxi in Goa

Women's Taxi Service

This Goa Tourism initiative has put female drivers behind the wheel of modern, metered air-con taxis. They can only be booked in advance by phone and only women, couples or families are accepted as passengers. The d…
Bus in Panaji

Paulo Travels

A reliable private operator with offices just north of the Kadamba bus stand. It operates a number of services with varying levels of comfort (including sleeper buses) to Mumbai, Pune, Hampi, Bengaluru (Bangalore) a…
Train in Panaji

Konkan Railway Reservation Office

Panaji’s Konkan Railway Reservation Office is on the 1st floor of the Kadamba bus stand – not at the train station. You can also check times, prices and routes online at and…
Bus in Calangute & Baga

Paulo Tours & Travels

One of the most dependable operators for private buses to Hampi and Mumbai; pick-up is available in Calangute. Has an office near the beach.
Travel Agency in Margao

Paulo Travels

Paulo Travels has a private bus booking office in town, and has the only buses direct to Hampi (sleeper ₹800 to ₹1000, 10 hours).
Train in Margao

Reservation Hall

Margao train station's reservation hall is on the 2nd floor of the main building and there's also a tourist quota counter here.
Bus in Panaji

Kadamba Bus Stand

The Kadamba bus stand has an internet cafe, ATM and lots of cheap snack joints.
Ferry in Arambol (Harmal)


This free vehicle ferry crosses the Terekhol River from Keri to Terekhol Fort.
Ferry in Chorao Island


Ribandar is one of several ferry access points to Chorao and Divar Islands.
Bus in Margao

Kadamba Bus Stand

Margao main government bus stand is about 2km north of the centre.