Mainline Taxi Stand

Taxi in Gangtok

For West Bengal, Bhutan and Nepal, most transport starts from this relatively well-organised private jeep stand, tucked just off the main road 1.5km south of central Gangtok. Ticket booth 4 is for buses, others are for shared jeeps to West Bengal and beyond.

Shared jeeps depart every 30 minutes or so to Darjeeling (₹200, five hours, 8am to 3.30pm), Kalimpong (₹120, three hours, 8am to 3pm) and Siliguri (₹200, five to nine hours, 4.30am to 5pm), some continuing to New Jalpaiguri train station. Jeeps direct to Bagdogra airport (₹250) leave at 6.30am, 7am and 7.30am. For Nepal there are four morning jeeps to Panatinki (₹250, six hours, 6am to 7.30am). For Bhutan a single jeep runs to Jaigaon (₹300, five hours, 8am). Buses to Siliguri (₹140, six to 10 hours) depart every half-hour from 6.30am to 4pm, and there are buses to Kalimpong (₹100) at 7.30am and 12.30pm.