Taxi in Gangtok

Mainline Taxi Stand

For West Bengal, Bhutan and Nepal, most transport starts from this relatively well-organised private jeep stand, tucked just off the main road 1.5km south of central Gangtok. Ticket booth 4 is for buses, others are …
Helicopter in Gangtok

Sikkim Helicopter Service

A five-seater helicopter shuttles from Gangtok to Bagdogra Airport (₹3500, 40 minutes), departing at 11am and returning at 2.30pm.
Motorcycle Rental in Gangtok

BB Line

Enfield motorbikes available for rent. A motorcycle license is essential, and various insurance packages are available, starting from ₹150 for two weeks. The bike supply is currently very limited but should grow in …
Cable Car in Gangtok

Namnang Ropeway Station

Formerly the 'middle' station, Namnang is now the only ropeway stop on Secretariat Ridge. It's close to the Assembly Building on Kazi Rd just before that meets Namnang Rd (MG Marg's southern extension).
Tickets in Gangtok

DJ Mandap Tours

This one-man outfit can book and print all-India train tickets. It's in the tiny office behind the Pankhuri moneychangers.
Taxi in Gangtok

Shared Taxis to Deorali & Tadong

Shared taxis to various destinations on routes descending NH31A via Deorali (₹10) fill up at helpfully labelled bays far beneath Lal Bazaar Rd.
Train in Gangtok

Railway Booking Counter

Handy booking service, but remember that the nearest major train station is over 125km away at New Jalpaiguri (NJP).
Taxi in Gangtok

Central Jeep Stand

For most destinations within Sikkim (except Mangan), shared jeeps start from this three-level car-park station.
Cable Car in Gangtok

Deorali Bazaar Ropeway Station

The lower ropeway station is handy for visitors to the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology.
Bus Station in Gangtok

SNT Bus Station

SNT government buses depart from this ageing but helpful station.