Top Choice Food & Drinks in Gangtok

Golden Tips

This boutique tea store stocks a mind-blowing repertoire of premium Darjeeling teas (of the black, green, white and flavoured varieties), as well as selections of Sikkimese tea from Temi. The produce is sold in souv…
Books in Gangtok

Rachna Books

Gangtok’s best-stocked and most convivial bookshop also has occasional film screenings and music events in its upstairs gallery. Its catalogue of titles on Sikkimese and Tibetan history, as well as Vajrayana Buddhis…
Arts & Crafts in Gangtok

Handicrafts & Handloom Emporium

This government initiative teaches traditional crafts to local students and markets their products – including toy red pandas, 1m by 2m handwoven carpets (₹6000), Tibetan furniture, handmade paper and traditional Si…