Gangtok shopping

Top Choice Tea in Gangtok

Golden Tips

This boutique tea store stocks a fine selection of beautifully packaged teas, notably Temi (Sikkimese) and various flushes of premium Darjeeling. A calm, cafe-style tasting area allows you to sip from a choice of ov…
Top Choice Books in Gangtok

Rachna Books

The city’s best-stocked bookshop, Rachna doubles as an alternative cultural hub with talks, events, screenings and an excellent cafe (Temi tea ₹50, coffee ₹90–₹150).
Arts & Crafts in Gangtok

Handicrafts & Handloom Emporium

This government initiative teaches marketable crafts in workshops at Zero Point, along with a warehouse-sized 'emporium' selling its products.
Sports & Outdoors in Gangtok

Climate Zone

This reasonably well stocked outdoors shop sells hiking and camping equipment, including trekking sticks, umbrellas and various sizes of backpack.