Top things to do in Gangtok to Mangan

Area in Gangtok to Mangan


Visiting the protected, culturally Lepcha area of Dzongu requires jumping through some bureaucratic hoops (permits are required), but allows you to experience Sikkim in an even lower gear. Swap comfort for culture: …
Historic Site in Gangtok to Mangan

Kabi Lunchok

Kabi Lunchok is an atmospheric glade of tree-shaded mossy stones just 30 seconds' walk from the main Phodong road. Though there's not a great deal to see, this was the site of a highly important 13th-century peace t…
Buddhist Monastery in Gangtok to Mangan

Phodong Gompa

First constructed in 1740 but rebuilt in the 1970s, Phodong's extensive monastery complex predates nearby Tumlong's time as the Sikkimese royal capital, though the current structures aren't especially memorable. Pho…
Indian in Gangtok to Mangan


Entering Dynasty you'll think you've stumbled into a betting shop, but behind the throng of gamblers is one of Mangan's better restaurants, with surprising valley views from the two back tables. Generous thalis incl…
Waterfall in Gangtok to Mangan

Seven Sisters Waterfall

This multi-stage falls tumbles through the jungle-like slopes, taking its last two impressive leaps close to the Gangtok-Mangan Rd, overlooked by a partly gilded Buddha relief and a constant melee of tourist vehicle…
Buddhist Monastery in Gangtok to Mangan

Phensang Gompa

This Nyingmapa monastery is one of Sikkim's most active, and while its prayer house only dates from 1996 (fires and floods having destroyed earlier structures), it's a very appealing building in a peaceful spot ring…
Indian in Gangtok to Mangan

Hotel Green Valley

Most tours stop at Tingchin, near the Dikchu turn-off. You may have to eat wherever the guide decides, but if you can choose, Green Valley – a restaurant, despite the name – has the nicest setting, with views of gre…
Music in Gangtok to Mangan

Mangan Music Festival

Sikkim's biggest music event, with both traditional and rock acts.
Archaeological Site in Gangtok to Mangan


Don't get over-excited at the prospect of discovering the 'ruins of Sikkim's third capital'. The 19th-century palace here was never more than a fairly modest mansion – and of that, only very basic wall-stubs of four…