Top Choice Fort in Diu

Diu Fort

Built in 1535, with additions made in 1541, this massive, well-preserved Portuguese fort with its double moat (one tidal) must once have been impregnable, but sea erosion and neglect are leading to a slow collapse. …
Top Choice Village in Diu


At the extreme west of the island, Vanakbara is a fascinating little fishing village and one of the highlights of the island. It’s great to wander around the port, packed with colourful fishing boats and bustling ac…
Museum in Diu

Diu Museum

Near St Paul's Church is white-walled St Thomas’ Church, a lovely, simple building with genteelely decaying walls. It now houses the Diu Museum, with a spooky, evocative collection of wooden Catholic saints going ba…
Museum in Diu

Sea Shell Museum

This museum, 6km from town on the Nagoa road, is a labour of love. Captain Devjibhai Vira Fulbaria, a merchant navy captain, collected thousands of shells from literally all over the world in 50 years of sailing, an…
Church in Diu

St Paul’s Church

Cavernous St Paul’s Church is a wedding cake of a church, founded by Jesuits in 1600 and then rebuilt in 1807. Its neoclassical facade is the most elaborate of any Portuguese church in India. Inside, it’s a great ba…
Hindu Temple in Diu

Gangeswar Temple

Gangeswar Temple, on the south coast 3km west of town, just past Fudam village, is a small coastal cave where five Shiva linga (phallic symbols) are washed by the waves. The most scenic way to approach it is by the …
Beach in Diu

Nagoa Beach

Nagoa Beach, on the south coast of the island 7km west of Diu town, is long, palm-fringed and safe for swimming. It's reasonably clean, but often very busy with splashing locals, including drunk men: foreign women r…
Gate in Diu

Zampa Gateway

Painted bright red, this main town gateway in the huge city wall that hems in the west side of Diu has carvings of lions, angels and a priest, while just inside it is a chapel with an image of the Virgin and Child d…
Historic Building in Diu

Nagar Sheth Haveli

The most impressive and elaborate buildings in the western maze of tiny streets are found in the Panchwati area. Nagar Sheth Haveli, an old merchant’s house is particularly notable for its stucco scrolls and fulsome…
Beach in Diu

Ghoghla Beach

The best beach on the island is Ghoghla Beach, north of Diu town. A long stretch of sand, it’s got less trash and fewer people than the others, along with gentle waves and some decent restaurants behind it.