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Ross & Smith Islands

Like lovely tropical counterweights, the twin islands of Smith and Ross are connected by a slender, dazzlingly white sandbar, and are up there with the best in the Andamans for both swimming and snorkelling.No permi…
Island in Diglipur & Around

Craggy Island

A speck of an island off Kalipur Beach, Craggy is a good spot for snorkelling. Very strong swimmers can make it across, in good conditions only (flippers recommended); otherwise, a small motorised boat (₹3000 return…
Island in Diglipur & Around

Excelsior Island

North from Aerial Bay, Excelsior has beautiful, creamy white beaches, good snorkelling and resident spotted deer. Six-person boats from Aerial Bay cost ₹5000 to ₹6000, and you'll need a (free) permit; visiting arran…
Beach in Diglipur & Around

Kalipur Beach

Fringed by lush jungle and sparkling cerulean waves, the brown-sand beach at Kalipur, 17km east of Diglipur by road, is famous for its turtle nesting from mid-December to April.
Cave in Diglipur & Around

Alfred Caves

These isolated limestone caves, around 20km southeast of Diglipur, are known for being where hawabills (swiftlets) make their highly prized edible nests. Same-day permits (free) are available at Ramnagar beach, from…