Tickets in Mcleod Ganj

HRTC Ticket Office

Advance-purchase tickets for longer-distance government buses are sold at this little window in the 'rain shelter' area beneath the very conspicuous McLlo Restaurant on the main square.
Bus Stop in Dharamsala

Long Distance Bus pickup point

A substantial proportion of Delhi-bound overnight private buses start from McLeod Ganj and pick up passengers not at Dharamsala bus station but at a bypass junction 500m northwest.
Bus in Dharamsala

Dharamsala Bus Station

Large, relatively well organised bus station down a long stairway from the main street via the taxi stand.
Airport in Dharamsala

Dharamsala Airport

At Gaggal, 13km southwest of Dharamsala.
Bus in Mcleod Ganj

New Bus Stand

Buses depart from the bottom level of this multistorey garage.
Taxi in Mcleod Ganj

Taxi Stand

McLeod’s taxi stand is on Mall Rd, north of the bus station.
Taxi in Dharamsala

Dharamsala Taxi Union

Autorickshaw in Mcleod Ganj

Autorickshaw Stand