Main Bazaar


in Old Delhi (Shahjahanabad)

Backpacker Central, this crazy-busy bazaar that runs through Paharganj sells almost everything you want, and a whole lot more. It's great for buying presents, clothes, inexpensive jewellery bits and bobs, and luggage to put everything in as you're leaving India, or for hippy-dippy clothes to wear on your trip. Haggle with purpose.

Beware the street-side henna scam, where mehndi-wallahs will quote a price for a beautiful henna tattoo only later to reveal that the price was per inch.

Just south of Main Bazaar is a street-side fruit market, around the corner from which the Vegetable & Spice Market is the best place to shop for spices in Paharganj – you should be able to get 100g bags of cumin or coriander powder for just ₹25.