Top Choice Ice Cream in Delhi


Founder Mr Kamath's dad was a mango vendor in Bangalore, which apparently inspired his love of fruit. He went on to start Naturals, with its wonderfully creamy, fresh flavours, such as watermelon, coconut, (heavenly…
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Century-old Jalebiwala does Delhi’s – if not India’s – finest jalebis (deep-fried, syrupy dough), so pig out and worry about the calories tomorrow.
Ice Cream in Delhi

Kuremal Ice Cream Shop

The Kuremal family have been making kulfi since 1908, and serve up delicious options including pomegranate and rose.
Ice Cream in Delhi

Roshan di Kulfi

A Karol Bagh institution for its scrumptious special pista badam kulfi (frozen milk dessert with pistachio, almond and cardamom). It’s around 500m northwest of Karol Bagh metro.
Ice Cream in Delhi


A decades-old ice-cream parlour serving a rainbow of flavours, from workaday strawberry to exotic badam pista (almond and pistachio with cardamom). Hot fudge is a particular favourite.