Hauz Khas

Like a quaint little village in the suburbs of a mega city, Hauz Khas has something for everyone: Hipsters hangout in its buzzy drinking spots; fashionistas browse the clothing boutiques; parents bring their kids to the deer park; and courting couples sit arm-in-arm on the ruins of Feroz Shah’s 14th-century madrasa, looking out dreamily across the tree-lined waters of the ancient reservoir.

Deer Park

It's hard to beat the deer park for a Hauz Khas family stroll. Its tree-shaded grounds offer cool respite from the heat, making it popular with local joggers too, but kids love the duck pond, the rabbit enclosures and, of course, the deer. Wandering round to the 13th-century reservoir, overlooked by Lodi-era ruins adds a touch of history too.

All Arts

Hauz Khas shops aren't all about fancy clothes. Those wanting to decorate their room with retro Bollywood cinema posters, old-school comics, or Raj-era cigarette tins seek out shops like All Arts, which are piled high with unusual Indian knick-knacks; perfect for reminiscing about the good-old days.

Hauz Khas Social

There are numerous drinking dens here, but 20-somethings flock to Hauz Khas Social for gourmet burgers and craft beers over lunch, or cocktails and a spot of dancing come evening. The views over the ancient reservoir are pretty special too, but it's the laid-back, friendly vibe that keeps the young punters coming back.


One of a number of high-end clothing shops that specialises in stunning, contemporary wedding attire, Ricco is where young, moneyed Delhiites come to ensure they look fabulous for the next big family get-together.

Feroz Shah’s madrasa

Courting couples and groups of picnicking students love hanging out on the peaceful ruins of Feroz Shah’s madrasa. The ruins can be explored, but most people just perch on their favourite piece of 14th-century rubble and look out over the picturesque reservoir, surrounded by the forests of the neighbouring deer park.

Kunzum Travel Cafe

Young South Delhiites with an itch to see the world drink coffee and chat about their next big adventures in the super chilled Kunzum Travel Cafe. There are no prices – you pay what you want as you leave – and you can browse travel books, get online and even get creative with the free-to-use paint sets.

Key Features

  • Fashion boutiques
  • Funky bars

Getting There

Metro IIT metro station is slightly closer (1km) to Hauz Khas than Hauz Khas or Green Park metro stations (both 2km).