Art in Delhi

Delhi International Arts Festival

Three weeks of international classical and contemporary dance, music, performing arts and exhibitions at venues Delhi-wide.
Music in Delhi

Qutb Festival

Several days of Sufi singing and classical dance against the beautiful backdrop of the Qutb Minar complex.
Cultural in Delhi


Diwali is hugely popular in Delhi, and the sky explodes with fireworks and the streets with firecrackers.
Parade in Delhi

Republic Day

Celebrating India becoming a republic, this is a spectacular military parade on Rajpath.
Religious in Delhi


Hindus celebrate the victory of good over evil, with parades of colourful effigies.
Cultural in Delhi

Beating of the Retreat

The closing of the Republic Day celebrations is marked by the Beating of the Retreat, with a display of military pageantry, plus Army, Navy and Air Force bands, in front of the President's Palace. Tickets (₹10 to ₹3…
Cultural in Delhi

Independence Day

India celebrates its Independence from Britain in 1947, and the prime minister addresses the nation from the Red Fort ramparts.