Kingdom of Dreams

Theatre in Greater Delhi & Gurgaon (Gurugram)

An entertainment extravaganza, Kingdom of Dreams offers live Bollywood-style shows that are out-and-out sensory assaults. Performances are supported by world-class techno-wizardry, as the cast swing, swoop and sing from the rafters. There's a free shuttle from the metro every 15 minutes, but it's only a 500m walk; come out of Gate 2 and take the first right.

Even if you don't fancy a show, it's worth browsing the food options on Culture Gully – a kitsch but somehow great mock-up of an Indian street that's indoors under a sky dome. The Cultural Gully entrance fee is refundable on purchase of a show ticket.

Next door is the far more modest open-air theatre, with free traditional-music performances every Saturday evening.