Sunder Nagar, Nizamuddin & Lodi Colony in detail

Other Features

Bookworms Delight

There are bookshops all over Delhi, but this unassuming neighbourhood hides some gems. Khan Market houses two of them: the delightful Bahrisons and the city's best branch of Full Circle Bookstore, while in nearby Jor Bagh Market you'll find the much-loved Bookshop, founded in 1970 by the late Kanwarjit Singh Dhingra, and a genteel institution amongst the bookworms of South Delhi.

Cheap Embassy Bites

If you find yourself at a loose end in the diplomatic enclave, struggling to find anywhere affordable to eat, then make a beeline for Kautilya Marg. This road is lined with state bhavans, which act like Delhi consulates for the different states of India, and some of them open their staff canteens to the public for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is always cheap (you'll pay around ₹100 for a lunchtime thali), very filling (you usually get unlimited refills) and fabulously authentic (they tend only to use genuine, regionally sourced ingredients), and gives you the opportunity to try out different regional cuisines from across the country. Gujarat Bhawan is a good choice at No 11, but there are also bhavans for Bihar, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, among others. Further east from here is the unusual Nagaland House, a bhavan with especially friendly staff that serve pork specialities from the far-off north-eastern state of Nagaland.