Top Choice Market in Dehra Dun

Paltan Bazaar

The congested but relatively traffic-free area through Paltan Bazaar, running south from the clock tower, is a popular spot for an evening stroll. Here you can pick up everything from cheap clothing and souvenirs to…
Maps in Dehra Dun

Survey of India Map Counter

The Survey of India Map Counter in Harthibarkala is mostly good at telling you which topographical maps you’re not allowed to buy. You can pick up trekking maps (₹20 to ₹70) that aren’t bad for getting from village …
Books in Dehra Dun

Natraj Booksellers

Specialises in ecology, spirituality, local books and local author Ruskin Bond.
Books in Dehra Dun

English Book Depot

CDs, trekking books and maps are available, with the Barista cafe attached.