Dehra Dun attractions

Buddhist Monastery in Dehra Dun

Mindrolling Monastery

The region around Dehra Dun is home to a thriving Tibetan Buddhist community, mainly focused on this attractive monastery, about 10km south of the centre in Clement Town. Everything here is on a grand scale: at more…
Notable Building in Dehra Dun

Forest Research Institute Museum

The prime attraction here is the building itself. Set in a peaceful 5-sq-km park, this grand remnant of the Raj era – where most of India’s forest officers are trained – is larger than Buckingham Palace. Built betwe…
Hindu Temple in Dehra Dun

Tapkeshwar Temple

In a scenic setting on the banks of the Tons Nadi River, you’ll find an unusual and popular Shiva shrine inside a small, dripping cave, which is the site of the annual Shivaratri festival. Turn left at the bottom of…
Mausoleum in Dehra Dun

Ram Rai Darbar

The unique mausoleum of Ram Rai, the errant son of the seventh Sikh guru, Har Rai, is made of white marble, with paintings covering the walls, archways and ceilings. Four smaller tombs in the garden courtyard are th…
Landmark in Dehra Dun

Clock Tower

Dehra Dun's central landmark is this six-faced clock tower, completed in 1953.