Museum in Darjeeling

Bengal Natural History Museum

Established in 1903, this minor sight houses a moth-eaten collection of Himalayan and Bengali species, hidden away in a compound just off Bishop Eric Benjamin Rd. The giant leeches and horrific baby animals pickled …
Buddhist Temple in Darjeeling

Japanese Peace Pagoda

Perched on a hillside at the end of AJC Bose Rd, this gleaming white pagoda is one of more than 70 pagodas built around the world by the Japanese Buddhist Nipponzan Myohoji organisation. During the drumming puja (pr…
Gardens in Darjeeling

Lloyd Botanical Gardens

These pleasant gardens contain an impressive collection of Himalayan plants, most famously orchids and rhododendrons. Follow the signs along Lochnager Rd from the Chowk Bazaar bus and jeep station, until the hum of …
Handicrafts in Darjeeling

Tibetan Refugee Self-Help Centre

Established in 1959, this refugee centre comprises a home for the aged, a school, an orphanage, a clinic, a gompa (Tibetan Buddhist monastery) and craft workshops that produce carpets, woodcarvings, leather work and…
Tea Estate in Darjeeling

Happy Valley Tea Estate

This 1854 tea estate below Hill Cart Rd is worth visiting, especially when the plucking and processing are in progress (March to November). An employee will guide you through the aromatic factory and its withering, …
Zoo in Darjeeling

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

This zoo, one of India’s best, was established in 1958 to study, conserve and preserve Himalayan fauna. Housed within its rocky and forested environment are species such as Himalayan bears, clouded leopards, red pan…
Museum in Darjeeling

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

Tucked away within the grounds of the zoo, this prestigious mountaineering institute was founded in 1954 and has provided training for some of India’s leading mountaineers. Within the complex is the fascinating Moun…
Monument in Darjeeling

Gorkha War Memorial

Museum in Darjeeling

Railway Museum

This heritage museum housed within Ghum station has an interesting collection of memorabilia from the bygone days of the railway. On an outer courtyard, you'll find Baby Sivok, the oldest engine of the railway.
Cable Car in Darjeeling

Rangit Valley Ropeway

This scenic ropeway reopened in 2012, after a fatal accident halted operations in 2003. The 40-minute ride takes you from North Point down to the Takvar Valley tea estate, gliding over manicured tea bushes that look…