Himalayas Pranayama Retreat

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• Unplug, Disconnect and Reconnect in the Himalayas Retreat: The perfect get away retreat for a digital detox. Its time to reconnect with yourself in a deeper level, rediscover your passions while taking  a break from your busy work schedule and smart phones and enjoy a self indulgent, gadget free environment to pamper yourself and to recharge yourself from the inside to the outside through yoga and ayurveda. You will be without your phones and only with your breaths and yourself. So indulge in your “me time” in this retreat. All of this whilst you are cosily nested in the laps of the Himalayas in Darjeeling. A simple and relaxing retreat where you will laugh, share, learn and rediscover your forgotten passions and talents.
Kalyana Retreat.Kalyana is the Nepali word for wellness, in simple words this a wellness retreat where our focus is your mental and physical health and wellbeing. Our aim is to make you feel energised, strong, rejuvenated and healthy both mentally and physically though yoga and ayurveda. Everyone is given one on one video consultation with our ayurvedic doctors and therapists from Rishkesh. Lets detox our body and mind through Shat Karma (yogic ways of cleansing the body) and PanchaKarma (ayurvedic detox and cleansing massages) and detoxifying meals of Satvic food and herbal tea. This retreat gives you the opportunity to learn some yogic and ayurvedic self care techniques as well. You will definitely get the time to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself  as you do your daily outdoor yoga and mediation practise in the laps of the Himalayas in Darjeeling. This retreat is the perfect retreat to help you to get going deeper into a healthier and mindful lifestyle.Morning detoxifying yoga, evening relaxing yin/groovy/slow hatha yoga, pranayam, meditation, aroma therapy yoga, sound meditation, shatkarma (various yogic ways of detoxing the body), panchkarma, abhiyangam,  walking mediation, trataka, nature walks,  satvic food cooking sessions, yoga and ayurvedic philosophies discussions and talks on how they affect the body and mind ,  ayurvedic and yogic methods of balancing our doshas to help balance our body and mind, yoga workshop on the basic asanas, arm balances and inversions, ayurvedic self massage workshops,one on one consultation with our ayurvedic doctors from Rishikesh, journaling, gardening, nature walks. 6:45am–8:00am: Morning yogasana flow8:00am–8:30am: Pranayama

What’s included

  • yog guru

What’s not included

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off