It’s a Dog’s Life

South Goa has several animal welfare shelters that welcome volunteers or visitors to help walk or play with rescued stray dogs.

The Goa Animal Welfare Trust, in the small inland town of Curchorem, works hard at providing veterinary help for sick animals, shelter for puppies and kittens, sterilisation programs for street dogs and low-cost veterinary care (including anti-rabies injections) for Goan pets. Volunteers are welcome, even just for a few hours on a single visit, to walk or play with the dogs. Items such as your old newspapers can be used for lining kennel floors, as can old sheets, towels and anything else you might not be taking home.

You can make contact with the shelter at the Goa Animal Welfare Trust Shop in Colva, a charity shop selling souvenirs and secondhand books.

At Chapolim, a few kilometres northeast of Palolem Beach, the small Animal Rescue Centre also takes in sick, injured or stray animals. Volunteers welcome. Look out for the sign on the road to Chaudi; it's about 2km north near the Chapolim dam.


Colva has plenty of banks and ATMs strung along Colva Beach Rd.


Post Office On the lane that runs past the eastern end of the church.