A short walk up the hillside above the village opens up some marvellous views. To the east, the high white peak of Tholla beckons, but you're only allowed to walk 3km towards it before reaching the Nagasti 'Indo-Tibetan Border Police Post'. In fact Tibet is still about 40km away. For longer day walks you can head up the Baspa's side valleys.


Chitkul is where the three-day trekking trail circumambulating Kinner Kailash descends into the Sangla Valley. Trekking routes to the Pabbar Valley and Uttarakhand's Garhwal region head over passes on the south side of the valley (it's eight to 10 days to Harsil near Gangotri).

Many guesthouses and camps organise treks: Baablu at Kinner Heights has lots of experience.