Top things to do

Bird Sanctuary in Chilika Lake

Nalabana Island

Many of Chilika Lake's million-plus migratory birds – including grey-legged geese, herons, cranes and pink flamingos – spend the winter (November to mid-January) within the bird sanctuary on Nalabana Island, coming …
Hindu Temple in Chilika Lake

Kalijai Island Temple

Closest to Barkul, this island temple really comes to life when it throngs with pilgrims during the Makar Mela festival in January.
Park in Satapada

Chilika Ecopark

The grandly named Chilika Ecopark is a small but pleasant palm-tree-shaded park by the jetty, which has on display a 12m-long skeleton of a baleen whale that was washed up on the shore near here in 2007.