Top things to do in Chidambaram

Hindu Temple in Chidambaram

Nataraja Temple

According to legend, Shiva and Kali got into a dance-off judged by Vishnu. Shiva dropped an earring and picked it up with his foot, a move that Kali could not duplicate, so Shiva won the title Nataraja (Lord of the …
Multicuisine in Chidambaram


With cheery staff, Anupallavi is a good air-conditioned multicuisine restaurant tucked into the backyard of a decent enough hotel.
Dance in Chidambaram

Natyanjali Dance Festival

Chidambaram's five-day dance festival attracts 300 to 400 classical dancers from all over India to the Nataraja Temple.
Religious in Chidambaram

Chariot Festivals

Of Chidambaram's many festivals, the two largest are the 10-day chariot festivals.