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Top Choice Waterfall in Jagdalpur

Chitrakote Falls

India’s broadest waterfall (300m), two-thirds the size of Niagara, is at its roaring best just after the rains, but beautiful year-round, particularly at sunset. When the water is low, it’s possible to paddle in poo…
Indian in Raipur

Girnar Restaurant

This well-groomed institution of a restaurant serves good-quality Indian food. It’s right opposite Hotel Radhika reception. Upstairs, the separate thali restaurant is wonderful too.
Hindu Temple in Raipur

Laxman Temple

A possible day trip from Raipur, Sirpur is home to dozens of ruined Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries, all dotted around the village and surrounding countryside. Many of the excavations are works in progress. A…
Museum in Jagdalpur

Anthropological Museum

This old-fashioned museum hoards a fascinating collection of artifacts collected from tribal villages in the 1970s and 1980s.
Cultural in Jagdalpur


For eight particularly lively days in October, Jagdalpur’s streets transform into race tracks as immense, homemade chariots are pitted against each other in an unusual climax to the 75-day festival of Dussehra.
Arts & Crafts in Jagdalpur


A fixed-price government emporium selling Adivasi handicrafts, from small, spindly iron figures to more expensive, heavy bell metal statues. From the Sanjay Market end of Main Rd, take the third right and continue f…
Indian in Raipur

Thali Restaurant