Chandigarh drinking and nightlife

Tea in Chandigarh


A chai stall like you've never seen, this modern-day chai-wallah claims to be serving India's only tandoori chai, brewed in a tandoori oven and served with a sizzle by being poured over a fire-heated clay cup. Chai …
Cafe in Chandigarh

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The most comfortable cafe in Chandigarh, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is attached to the excellent Hotel Aquamarine, and has an air-con-cooled interior, as well as a small shaded patio out front. There's good coffee, …
Bar in Chandigarh

Lava Bar

Considering it's housed inside the plush Taj hotel, this small bar is relatively laid-back, with a cosy atmosphere. Live bands or a DJ play most nights. Despite the steep prices, it's a good place for a drink, espec…
Bar in Chandigarh

Xtreme Sports Bar & Grill

Local beers go for as little as ₹89 here, but this is no dive; it also does cocktails and mocktails, is dotted with TVs for football fans and has a small table-football table for punters to play with. Does food too.
Bar in Chandigarh

Blue Ice

This slick, low-lit, split-level restaurant-bar appeals to smartly dressed drinkers. There's a wide-ranging food menu and live music over the weekends to accompany your drink of choice, plus a TV for sports fan.