Top Choice Gardens in Chandigarh

Nek Chand Rock Garden

Nek Chand Rock Garden is unique: the surreal fantasy of a local transport official who, starting in 1957, spent almost 20 years personally creating more than 2000 sculptures using stones, debris and other discarded …
Top Choice Notable Building in Chandigarh

Capital Complex

At the epicentre of Le Corbusier’s planned city are the imposing concrete High Court, Secretariat and Vidhan Sabha, which are shared by the states of Punjab and Haryana. All three are classic pieces of 1950s archite…
Art Gallery in Chandigarh

Government Museum & Art Gallery

You’ll find a fine collection of artworks and treasures at this impressive state museum, including trippy paintings of the Himalaya by Russian artist Nicholas Roerich, elegant carvings from the Buddhist Ghandara civ…
Art Gallery in Chandigarh

National Gallery of Portraits

Located behind the State Library, with photos and paintings illustrating key players and events in the struggle for independence.
Museum in Chandigarh

Natural History Museum

Fossils, model dinosaurs, exquisite hand-embroidered pictures of birds, and a diorama with a caveman using an electric torch to illuminate his cave art!
Gardens in Chandigarh

Rose Garden

In line with Le Corbusier’s vision of a garden city, Chandigarh is dotted with pleasant public parks. Perhaps most pleasant is this Rose Garden, which contains over 1500 rose varieties.
Museum in Chandigarh

Chandigarh Architecture Museum

Using photos, letters, models, newspaper reports and architectural drawings, this museum tells the story of Chandigarh’s planning and development, including the abandoned first plan for Chandigarh by Albert Mayer an…
Museum in Chandigarh

Le Corbusier Centre

One for fans of architecture and design, this fascinating museum displays documents, sketches and photos of Le Corbusier, along with fascinating letters revealing the politics behind the project, including one from …
Gardens in Chandigarh

Bougainvillea Garden

The Bougainvillea Garden has a thought-provoking memorial to Indian soldiers killed in cross-border conflicts since Independence.
Gardens in Chandigarh

Yadavindra Gardens

These reconstructed 17th-century Mughal walled gardens are built on seven levels with water features (that sometimes operate) and grand views towards the Shivalik hills.