Top things to do in Champaner & Pavagadh

Top Choice Historic Site in Champaner & Pavagadh


This scenic hilltop may have been fortified as early as the 8th century. Today, throngs of pilgrims ascend Pavagadh to worship at the important Kalikamata Temple, dedicated to the evil-destroying goddess Kali, who s…
Historic Site in Champaner & Pavagadh


The evocative ruins of the one-time capital of Sultan Mahmud Begada today stand as testament to Champaner's brief period of 15th-century glory. When Champaner was captured by Mughal emperor Humayun in 1535, the Guja…
Hindu Festival in Champaner & Pavagadh

Mahakali Festival

Thousands of pilgrims pay tribute to Kali at Pavagadh hill.