Top things to do in Chamba

Top Choice Hindu Temple in Chamba

Lakshmi Narayan Temple Complex

Far and away Chamba's top historical attraction, this temple compound crowning Dogra Bazaar contains a line of six beautifully sculpted stone sikharas (10th–19th centuries), festooned with detailed carvings. Enter f…
Museum in Chamba

Bhuri Singh Museum

This museum's rich collection is strongest on Pahari (Hill Country) miniature paintings from the Chamba and other schools, but also intriguing are copper-plate inscriptions (formerly a way of preserving important do…
Tibetan in Chamba

Tasty Tibet

Above a clothes shop on the motorbike path that links the town and New Bus Stand, this delightful place is cheaper than most dhabas yet has almost the style of an urban coffee house. The blackboard menu offers a sho…
Hindu Temple in Chamba

Bajreshwari Devi Temple

On the road towards the Saal Valley, 80 steps lead up from opposite a medical centre to this exquisite 12th-century sikhara-style temple, dedicated to Bajreshwari, an incarnation of Durga.
Hindu Temple in Chamba

Chamunda Devi Temple

Dating from 1762, this single-storey wooden temple is well worth the steep 378-step climb from near the Old Bus Stand for wonderful views over Chamba and the valley. It's dedicated to a wrathful aspect of the mother…
Cultural in Chamba

Minjar Festival

Every year since 935, Chamba has celebrated the annual harvest with the Minjar Festival in honour of the deity Raghuvir (an incarnation of Rama) – nowadays a week of processions, sports, folk dance and music and a v…
Arts & Crafts in Chamba

Himachal Emporium

Inside the Rang Mahal, a former palace, the modest Himachal Emporium sells examples of the locally made fabrics.
Cafe in Chamba

Cafe Ravi View

HPTDC's small, viewpoint snack house is a good place to sip an icy-cold beer with panoramas of the river valley below. You can also dine on a similar if more limited version of the Iravati hotel's menu.
Hindu Temple in Chamba

Champavati Temple

This ancient sikhara-type temple was built in the 10th century by Raja Sahil Varman in honour of his daughter Champavati, who is worshipped locally as an incarnation of Durga.
Indian in Chamba

Chowgan Restaurant

One of Chamba's better eateries, the Iravati Hotel's in-house kitchen has a menu that includes a few tasty local specialities including chasnidar (sweet-and-sour dried fruit).