Top Choice Museum in Bhopal

State Museum

This first-class archaeological museum spread over 17 galleries includes some wonderful temple sculptures as well as 87 Jain bronzes unearthed by a surprised farmer in western Madhya Pradesh. Keep an eye out for the…
Top Choice Mosque in Bhopal


Bhopal’s third female ruler, Shah Jahan Begum wanted to create the largest mosque in the world, so in 1877 she set about building Taj-ul-Masjid. It was still incomplete at her death in 1901, after funds had been div…
Top Choice Museum in Bhopal

Tribal Museum

Step through the tribal looking glass at this extremely well-done museum dedicated to the seven tribes and subtribes of Madhya Pradesh. Opened in 2013, the artistic space was built by 1500 tribespeople over two and …
Park in Bhopal

Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya

A kind of tribal safari park, only without the tribes, this open-air hillside complex is possibly your best chance to get a taste of India’s 450-plus tribes without actually visiting an Adivasi village. Authentic-lo…
Historic Site in Sanchi

Buddhist Monuments

The hilltop stupas are reached via a path and stone steps at the end of Monuments Rd, where the ticket office is. There’s a Publication Sale Counter selling postcards and guidebooks inside the monuments enclosure it…
in Bhimbetka

Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

Secreted in a forest of teak and sal in craggy cliffs 46km south of Bhopal are more than 700 rock shelters. Around 500 of them contain some of the world’s oldest pre-historic paintings.
Museum in Sanchi

Archaeological Museum

This fine museum has a small collection of sculptures from the site. The centre piece is the 3rd-century-BC lion capital from the Ashoka Pillar 10. Other highlights include a yakshi hanging from a mango tree, and be…
Nature Reserve in Pachmarhi

Satpura National Park

Tickets for this national park, carved from a portion of the larger Satpuri Tiger Reserve, must be bought at the ticket office outside Bison Lodge. Forestry commission guides (trekking per day ₹700) can also be arra…
Museum in Pachmarhi

Bison Lodge

Captain Forsyth named Bison Lodge after a herd of ‘bison’ (gaur) he spotted here. It’s now an old-fashioned, dilapidated museum focusing on the history, flora and fauna of the Satpura region.
Historic Site in Bhimbetka

Rock Shelters