Candolim attractions

Fort in Candolim

Fort Aguada

Standing on the headland overlooking the mouth of the Mandovi River, Fort Aguada occupies a magnificent and successful position, confirmed by the fact it was never taken by force. A highly popular spot to watch the …
Lighthouse in Candolim

Fort Aguada Lighthouse

The old Portuguese lighthouse, which stands in the middle of Fort Aguada, was built in 1864 and once housed the great bell from the Church of St Augustine in Old Goa, before it was moved to the Church of Our Lady of…
Church in Candolim

Church of St Lawrence

A short way to the east of the bastion is the pretty Church of St Lawrence, which also occupies a magnificent viewpoint. The church was built in 1643 to honour St Lawrence, the patron saint of sailors, whose image s…
Lighthouse in Candolim

New Lighthouse

Outside the Fort Aguada bastions, the new lighthouse, built in 1976, can usually be visited; climb to the top for good views along the coast.
Historic Building in Candolim

Fort Aguada Jail

Below the fort is Fort Aguada jail, once Goa’s largest prison. It closed in 2015, with inmates moved to a new jail in Colvale, and there are now proposals to turn the historic buildings into a heritage site and muse…
Historic Site in Candolim

Casa dos Monteiros

Near the beach, the Casa dos Monteiros is an example of the peak of Candolim’s architectural splendour. Built by Goa’s most powerful family, the Monteiros, it has the pretty 1780 Nossa Senhora dos Remedios (Our Lady…
Historic Site in Candolim

Casa dos Costa-Frias

Though it’s not open to the public, seek out the beautiful Casa dos Costa-Frias, down a side road just opposite Candolim’s football field, which belonged to relatives of the influential Pinto family. It was built in…