Arts Centre in Calangute & Baga

Museum of Goa

Not so much a museum as a repository for art, MOG features artworks, exhibitions, workshops, courses, sitar concerts and an excellent cafe. It's the brainchild of well-known local artist and sculptor Subodh Kerkar, …
Historic Building in Calangute & Baga

Casa dos Proença

Casa dos Proença is a grand mansion built in the early 18th century by Calangute’s then-wealthiest family. You’ll notice the grand, tower-shaped verandah, screened off with oyster-shell windows, while the mansion’s …
Historic Building in Calangute & Baga

Old Customs Post

A relic of Calangute’s past can be found at the old customs post at the market crossroads. Several of these posts were built during Portuguese rule to monitor the coming and going of goods, and to deter smuggling.
Church in Calangute & Baga

St Alex’s Church

St Alex’s Church has a magnificently golden and ornamented reredos (ornamental screen) and pulpit.
Church in Calangute & Baga

St Anthony’s Chapel

Landmark on the Calangute-Candolim Rd.
Hindu Temple in Calangute & Baga


Hindu temple in the market area.
Church in Calangute & Baga

Saõ João Batista Church

Historic Building in Calangute & Baga

Casa Braganza