Kolkata to Terracotta Temples, Bishnupur, Panchmura Craft Tour

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In this day trip from Kolkata, you will discover the medieval terracotta temples of the 17th century Malla Kingdom. Next in line is a magical experience of Baluchari silk saree weaving at Bishnupur. We will meet the legendary silk weavers who will demonstrate the intricate art of weaving silk sarees with the ‘Ramayana’ scenes woven all over the saree border. Last on the agenda is a rendezvous with the last remaining  Terracotta Potters of Panchmura to learn the history of the craft and stories of the associated rituals.
630 AM Departure from Kolkata10 AM- BishnupurWe step back to the 17th century and enter the world of the Malla Kingdom and its Terracotta temples. We visit a slew of temples dedicated to Lord Krishna, the patron god of the Malla Kingdom. Our guide will tell you the story of how a tyrannical Malla King converted to Gaudiya Vaishnavism and how that provided the impetus for terracotta art to flourish in the 16th and 17th-century in Bishnupur.Among other temples, we will also visit Rasmancha,  the first temple constructed by the King Bir Hambir. It is a quaint pyramidal structure marked by huge, stepped masonry and a composite Chala type roof,  designed as a stage.We next head to visit weavers of the famous Baluchuri style silk sari. We will get to experience how the Saris are created on draw looms. It will be fascinating to see the intricate art of weaving ‘Ramayana’ scenes woven all over the saree border.415PM- Arrive in PanchmuraWe will visit the village of the famed potters of Panchmura. They are a fast dwindling tribe of master craftsmen of terracotta pottery. It will be fascinating to witness the transformation of a lump of clay baked in sun and burnt in mud kilns with dry eucalyptus leaves to magnificent looking figurines. Only 70 families continue to ply this trade. We will meet and interact with a few of these master terracotta potters.830PM- Drop back in Kolkata

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