Fair in Bihar & Jharkhand

Sonepur Mela

With 700,000 attendees and thousands of animals from parakeets to elephants changing hands, this three-week festival and livestock market starting on the 15th day (full moon) of Kartika purnima is four times the siz…
Culture in Rajgir

Rajgir Mahotsava

A three-day classical performing-arts festival with folk dances, devotional songs and instrumental music.
Religious in Bihar & Jharkhand

Chhath Festival

This four-day festival honours Surya, the Sun God. The main (third) day occurs on the sixth day after Diwali, when people flock to riverbanks and water bodies to carry out water rituals, play traditional music and m…
Culture in Patna

Pataliputra Mahotsava

Patna celebrates its historic past with parades, sports, dancing and music.