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Tour to BIDAR: Fort, Palaces, Frescoes, Tiles and Necropolis

Discover the microcosm of BIDAR’s layered history from 3rd BC of the Mauryan Empire till 1947 A.D part of Hyderabad state. A must see Heritage site to explore the day long tour of the 600 years old, “Crown of Karnataka”: with glorious past, treasure of culture, fine arts, architecture nurtured by successive rulers contribution on northern maidens providing mountainous treeless expansive plateau landscape of more than 30 monuments worth visiting inside the fort viz arches, moats, pavilions, mosques, Rangin Mahal "Painted Palace", gateways, gardens, 15th A.D Karez (qanat) water system, Frescoed calligraphy, fountains, baths, kitchens, pleasure pavilions, royal necropolis of the Barīd & Bahamani sultans, Sikh Shrine. Fort 1426 – 1432 A.D is an irregular rhomboid in shape with 5.5 kms of defences,  Triple moat, massive  7  gates. Bidri ware—metal articles damascened (ornamented with wavy lines) in floral and geometric designs with silver wire.
10 hours