Top Choice Palace in Bhuj

Aina Mahal

This beautiful palace, built in 1752, lost its top storey in an earthquake, but the lower floor is open, with a fantastic 15.2m scroll showing a Kutch state procession. The 18th-century elaborately mirrored interior…
Top Choice Museum in Bhuj

Kachchh Museum

Opposite Hamirsar Tank, Gujarat’s oldest museum has eclectic and worthwhile displays spanning textiles, weapons, silverware, sculpture, wildlife, geography and dioramas of Kachchh tribal costumes and artefacts, with…
Palace in Bhuj

Prag Mahal

The largest of the three palaces within the Darbargadh walled complex, 19th-century Prag Mahal is in a forlorn state, damaged by an earthquake, but is worth visiting for its ghostly, exuberant Durbar Hall, with its …
Palace in Bhuj

Sharad Baug Palace

This graceful 1867 Italianate palace, set among shade trees full of crows and bats, was the abode of the last Maharao of Kachchh, Madansingh, until his death in 1991. It lost most of its 3rd floor in the 2001 earthq…
Museum in Bhuj

Folk Art Museum

This museum has excellent displays on traditional Kachchh culture, including reconstructed Rabari bhungas (mud-and-mirrorwork huts), musical instruments, many wood and stone carvings and much more. The vintage Kachc…
Hill in Bhuj

Bhuj Hill

On the eastern outskirts of the city, this hill is crowned with a Hindu temple and is a terrific place to watch the sunset. There are plans to build a memorial to the 2001 earthquake victims atop the hill. Autoricks…
Palace in Bhuj

Rani Mahal

The 17th-century Rani Mahal, the former main royal residence, is completely closed up, though you can still admire the latticed windows of its zenana (women’s quarters). It's particularly beautiful around sunset.
Market in Bhuj

Old Vegetable Market

Small produce market.
Landmark in Bhuj

New Vegetable Market

Busy produce market.