Top things to do in Bhopal

Top Choice Mughlai in Bhopal

Under the Mango Tree

Jehan Numa Palace’s best restaurant specialises in barbecue kebabs and tandoor dishes (including vegetarian options). Most things on the menu are top-class, but the sampler platter of varied kebabs (from ₹825) may w…
Top Choice Museum in Bhopal

Tribal Museum

Step through the looking glass into what feels like an enchanted forest at this extremely well-done museum dedicated to the tribal peoples who make up more than 10 million of Madhya's population. Opened in 2013, the…
Top Choice Mosque in Bhopal


Bhopal’s third female ruler, Shah Jahan Begum, wanted to create the largest mosque in the world, so in 1877 she set about building the Taj-ul-Masjid. Still incomplete at her death in 1901, it was not finally finishe…
Top Choice Museum in Bhopal

State Museum

This first-class archaeological museum spread over 17 galleries includes some wonderful temple sculptures as well as 87 10th- and 11th-century Jain bronzes unearthed by a surprised farmer in western Madhya Pradesh.
Museum in Bhopal

Remember Bhopal Museum

The very moving Remember Bhopal Museum exhibits belongings and pictures of Bhopal gas disaster victims as well as video and over 50 audio recordings from survivors, doctors and forensic experts. Opened in 2014, it's…
Indian in Bhopal

Zam Zam

Crowds pack this fast-food hot spot day and night for some of Bhopal’s best biryani, but it’s the finger-lickin’ chicken tikka, grilled over hot coals outside the door and dipped in green-chilli yoghurt sauce, that’…
Museum in Bhopal

Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya

A kind of tribal safari park, only without the tribes, this large complex reveals the huge ethnic diversity within Indian territory. Authentic dwellings from all around the country, built and maintained by Adivasis …
Mosque in Bhopal

Dhai Seedi Ki Masjid

Bhopal’s oldest and teeniest mosque (early 18th century; 16 sq metres inside) stands on top of an old fortification tower next to the Gandhi Medical College.
Indian in Bhopal


Bright, clean, canteen-style Manohar does a brisk business in South Indian breakfasts, thalis, snacks, shakes and a load of presumably more hygienic versions of many Indian street-food favourites. In truth, it’s a b…
Indian in Bhopal

Bapu Ki Kutia

Papa’s Shack has been serving up delicious Indian veg dishes since 1964. Prepare to get cosy with the locals – it’s so popular you’ll often share a table. There’s an English menu, but no English sign. Look for the p…