Sambhavna Trust Clinic

Medical in Bhopal

The remarkable, donation-funded Sambhavna Trust Clinic treats 150 to 200 Union Carbide disaster victims per day using yoga, ayurvedic treatments, conventional medicine and herbal remedies. Visitors are welcome and donations can be made. To find Sambhavna, head 1km north up Berasia Rd from Hamidia Rd, turn right at the Reliance petrol station, and you'll soon see Sambhavna signs.

Volunteers (minimum 15 days commitment required) can work in a range of areas from water testing and medical research to photography or the clinic's library, pharmacy or medicinal herb garden. This last is the source of many raw materials for the clinic's ayurvedic medicines. Volunteers are hugely appreciated and offered board and lodgings in the medical centre.

The derelict Carbide factory (not open to casual visitors) is 1km north of the clinic.