Barshani is the starting point for seasonal hikes to Khir Ganga hot springs and the tough, week-long Pin-Parvati Trek. In Kalga and Pulga you're likely to find ad hoc activities from yoga to crystal healing to didgeridoo-playing according to who's in town; most are informal, by word of mouth.

Khir Ganga Hike

Start early for the beautiful Parvati Valley walk from Barshani to the sloping alpine meadow of Khir Ganga, topped at around 3000m by hot springs. The large men's pool has fantastic views, the womens' one is enclosed but not covered. Bring bathing clothes. A rapid overload of camps and restaurant tents had been undermining the meadow's peaceful atmosphere till 2017, when most commerce was forcibly ejected. Nonetheless, a couple of shack guesthouses remain (open from Holi to early November) and others are likely to creep back, handy if you arrive too late to get back to Barshani (at least three hours' hike). In mid-winter the meadow lies under deep snow and is completely deserted.

The prettier of two possible walking routes from Barshani leaves the Tosh road just north of the Parvati dam and goes via Nakthan village. This is also the first stage of the Pin-Parvati multi-day trek to Spiti.